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Gerber Assisted Opening Knives

Gerber Assisted Opening Knives

             All Gerber Assisted Opening Knives open easily with one hand but a Gerber Assisted Opening Knife should not be confused with switchblade knives which can be opened usually with the push of a button. Gerber Assisted Opening Knives require the use of pressure at the flipper or thumb stud to open. This activates an internal spring mechanism that will fully open the blade once it has been partially opened by the user. 
            The patented F.A.S.T. assisted opening technology “Forward Action Spring Technology “ . Used on most Gerber Assisted Opening Knives is what gives  the  Gerber Assisted Opening Knives  its silky smooth action and reliable  mechanics .
            Below is a sampling of products from each of the Gerber assisted opening knives styles. You can click on the product to view it or navigate to the see all of the Gerber assisted opening knives by selecting the see all of the Gerber assisted opening knives buttons.

Fast Draw Style of Assisted Opening Knives

Gerber Fast Draw

 The Fast Draw Style of Assisted Opening Knives is available with a 2.1 inch, the mini, and 3.0 inch blade. And also come with Plain or Serrated blades. They have a near-perfect combination of strength, balance and weight.

         Fast Draw models are easily opened with one hand using either a Thumb stud or a sudden release stud and have a convenient pocket clip.

Aluminum Presto Assisted Opening knives

Aluminum Presto         The Aluminum Presto line of Gerber Assisted Opening knives feature an attractive aluminum handle with rubber inserts and use Gerber's patented   F.A.S.T. assisted opening technology for quick, easy, one-handed deployment. A safety protects user while the blade is in open and closed positions.
        They are available with a 2.5 inch and 3 inch blades and also come with Plain or Serrated blades.

Answer Gerber Assisted Opening Knives

Gerber Answer

The Answer is one of the medium sized Gerber Assisted Opening knives, it has F.A.S.T. technology. Aluminum handles and extured inlays to give it extra grip. It is available with two blade options ,Tanto and drop point as well as Comb or Fine blades.

        This knife also comes in several sizes

Covert FAST

Covert F.A.S.T

The Covert FAST is available in two sizes, the full size model has a blade length of 3.75 ins and weighs 4.9 oz, while the Mini Covert has a blade length of 2.9 ins and weighs 3.2 oz.

Both knives have titanium-coated blades and G-10 handles and come with Gerber’s F.A.S.T. one-hand opening quick deployment technology   

Gerber Statesman

Gerber Stateman The Gerber Statesman FAST has a Drop Point blade that is available in a serrated edge or a Fine edge.
        This knife also has wood inserts in the handle giving it lots of class.


Gerber AO FAST
The AO FAST has a modified Drop point Blade. The knife can be attached to a belt or back pack by using the carabiner clip.
This knife also contains a Bottle Opener.

Gerber Slate

Gerber Slate  Slate F A S T line of Gerber Assisted Opening knives feature a Plain or Serrated blade, F.A.S.T. technology and extra implements which include a screw driver and bottle opener. 

Other Popular assisted opening knives include the 06 FAST, the Gerber Instant and the Gerber Venture.

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