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Gerber Pocket Knives

Gerber pocket knife

            The Gerber pocket knife has been used and trusted by fisherman, hunters and all outdoor enthusiasts for many years. As a pocket knife is carried in the pocket or a bag they are usually no larger than 4 inches in the closed position and feature one or more blades and sometime a few small tools.

           Pocket knives are small, light weight and portable but are extremely useful in all everyday situations and are a must to have in all outdoor activities. 

     We offer a large selection of Gerber Pocket Knives, from the tradiional pocket knife to modern pocket knives.

                   For a review of all the Gerber Pocket Knives you can click on the picture below.

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                                                           All Gerber Pocket Knives

               Some of the most popular Gerber Pocket Knives are the Evo ,  E-Z Out, LST, Powerframe and Paraframe. These knives are featured below and can be seen by clicking on their pictures.

                         Powerframe                     Gerber Evo                      E-Z Out

              Powerframe       Gerber Evo    E-Z Out

                 Simple and easy to use, small and light to carry but sturdy enough for most daily tasks, the pocket knife is an ideal knife for everyday use.

Some are opened using a simple thumbnail groove, others are assisted opening and yet others use a thumb stud for easy one-handed opening. The knife blades are made of High Carbon Stainless steel and some models have a Titanium Nitride coating.


                 Most models come with a pocket clip that is strong and reliable and keeps the knife safe and secure in your pocket.


Light Strong Tough

             LST Stands for "Light Strong Tough." And this is the perfect way to describe this series of Gerber knives

                          Paraframe                Stockman Pocket Knives         Gerber L.S.T

             Paraframe   STOCKMAN    L.S.T.

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